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Painting Pumpkins

If you’re stuck inside this weekend with yucky weather or you are looking for something fun to do…grab some pumpkins and paint!  This is a simple, fun and cute project!  The boys took one of their small pumpkins and painted away!  They had fun painting solo colors as well as mixing!  If you want toContinue Reading

Easy Halloween Cookies

This is a fun and easy cookie that you can whip up this weekend for a spooky treat!  Take your favorite brand of creme filled cookie, dip into melted chocolate (I melted mine in the microwave) and dip into a bowl of sprinkles!  I let mine cool on wax paper.  For the chocolate you canContinue Reading

Microwave Playdough

So it was my turn to make homemade playdough for Preschool Veg’s class and they sent home an easy recipe! 2 cups flour1 cup salt2 T cream of tartar2 cups water2 T cooking oilfood coloring Mix liquid ingredients, add dry ingredients and mix well.  (to be fair, I didn’t read the directions and added everythingContinue Reading