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Veggie Rice Soup – Freezer Cooking #glutenfree

Veggie Rice Soup – Freezer Cooking #glutenfree

Veggie Rice Soup You know those nights, when you come home and wish dinner was already made and on the table?  Oh, yeah…I know those nights!  Well this doesn’t quite make itself, but it will help you out on those busy nights!  This is a super easy soup that you can make ahead of time!Continue Reading

Tip Tuesday: Do you label your freezer cooking properly?

  Today’s tip is simple and easy….label your freezer cooking in a clear fashion.  Be sure to label your freezer bags with the name of the contents AND the date.  Don’t leave yourself to guess what’s in the freezer bag and the age of it.  It takes only a minute and will save you frustrationContinue Reading

Breakfast Burritos

A couple of weeks ago I talked about making some more breakfast burritos!  YUMMO, now I realize that they are in a bag so they are hard to see, but they look like just any breakfast burrito on the outside, but the inside is all about breakfast!  I found the recipe on 1/4 c.Continue Reading

Tip Tuesday: Reuse your tortilla bags

 I did some freezer cooking this weekend and when I was finishing with my breakfast burritos I put them back into the bag.  They didn’t all fit, but half of them did! It saved me one freezer bag!  Its good to resuse! If you want to keep seeing all the yummy recipes and don’t everContinue Reading

Freezer cooking – breakfast cookies

4.5 dozen breakfast cookies with raisins and some chocolate chips for sweetness!  My freezer is looking pretty full and I can’t wait to be able to pop out some goodness for breakfast without the mess! The recipe does call for wheat flour, but I made them with our favorite All Purpose Gluten Free Better BatterContinue Reading

Freezer cooking – corn

So I decided that I’d freeze some corn!  We have a local market that grows their own and picks it fresh each morning.  So the Veg boys and I headed out early Monday morning to get some corn!  5 dozen in all! Here is my bounty when we got home!  They were such long earsContinue Reading

Once a month cooking/freezing cooking vs. ME

So I have been interested in getting my feet wet in this whole “once a month cooking” idea.  Granted…its a big endeavor and many people are super successful at it, but I want to take baby steps   I want to start with breakfasts and snacks, and keep the focus at lunch and dinner moreContinue Reading