Paws for Peace


Thank you for following our “Paws For Peace of Mind” journey!  In May 2014 we traveled to Colorado to get our service dog!  We spent about 2 weeks in Colorado training and learning about our new dog!  Thank you for all the prayers, support and donations that were given!  We are happy to have Gia home!

Gia FB Cover 2014Our boys have life threatening allergies to peanuts and almonds.  Gia can detect those in the environment.  We are excited to have her as an extra tool in our allergy fighting toolbox!

Gia The Detection Dog

You can follow our adventures on our Paws For Peace of Mind facebook page!

Paws For Peace of mind

A HUGE thanks to the Ride To Give Army for helping us reach our final fundraising goal!  If you have a chance, please check out The Ride To Give Charity.  They are simply amazing!  “give a little, change a lot”

Ride to Give

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